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Learning by tearing things apart

Daniel Klein posted to the Squeak Beginners list: I'm currently reading the 'Squeak by Example' book with the goal of being able to do some Morphic stuff. Anyway, I get the impression that everything in the image at my fingertips. So what if I want to add something to one of the context menus, or find out what message gets sent to invoke a menu entry so that I can run it directly in a workspace, or change the order of the objects in one of the flaps, etc. What are the steps to go about finding out where this stuff is in the image? One of the neat things about Morphic is that you can tear it apart while it is running. This can give you some clues as to how a GUI was built. Note that the image is built by direct manipulation as well as by code. If you move a window and then save the image, the window will be where you left it. But, you won't be able to find the code that moved the window to that location because there isn't any. But, most GUIs in Squeak are built wit