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JavaScript as Assembly – Exploring CoffeeScript & Dart

Just agreed to a talk on Monday, June 18 for UpFront KC . Here is a quick summary: JavaScript as Assembly – Exploring CoffeeScript & Dart JavaScript can be both awesome and terrible. We’ll talk about the history of generating JavaScript and then work through some quick exercises in two languages that can produce JavaScript as output: CoffeeScript and Dart. Then, we’ll compare the two and look where they are headed. This is an interactive talk, so plan to bring a laptop and code along. At the end, you'll at least have run a bit of CoffeeScript and Dart. You don’t have to be an experienced developer, as we’ll keep it super-high level. About your presenter: By day, David Mitchell is a mild mannered Group Technical Director at VML , where he is more likely to review JavaScript code than write it. By night, David is a polygot programmer, exploring languages like JavaScript, Smalltalk, and Lisp. David has presented nationally and at regional conferences and has