Sunday, June 17, 2012

Installing Dart and CoffeeScript

Giving a talk on Monday, June 18 on CoffeeScript and Dart that will mostly be a code-along.

For CoffeeScript, make sure you can run coffee from a command line:

  1. node, download here:
  2. npm, now included in node
  3. CoffeeScript, use the CoffeeScript with Node and npm instructions (basically one line, but...)
  4. Some kind of programmer's text editor. I'll be using jEdit, but I'd recommend VIM or TextMate as they both have great CoffeeScript integration.

For Dart, install the Dart editor, which is an IDE with a browser (Dartium).

  1. Dart editor, download here:
  2. Unpack the archive someplace and run the program from there.

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